Combust web site framework

Web framework and "content management system for geeks" that we use at

Combust Features

MVC architected

Combust is primarily a set of "controllers" and utility modules that makes it easy to write views (that's a fancy word for your content in most cases) and models (if you are writing an application rather than just a content site).

Clever integrated utility modules

Your custom controllers can easily use the Combust::Cache module to cache data. Cache entries can be complex data structures, include meta data, have individual expiry times and more.

Combust::Cookie takes all the work out of setting, reading and validating cookies.

Subversion backed

It's not a requirement, but Combust is built to have it's documents (templates, pod files) stored in a Subversion repository.

Combust itself is in Subversion.

Automatic POD formatting

We write pod. Web browsers read HTML.

If you have a "file.pod" file and request "file.html" the POD will magically be converted to HTML and processed like it was a regular HTML template.

You can also just include "file.html" in your HTML templates and Combust will do the right thing.

Supports staging areas with branches and other goodies
Easy to install a local development version
Easy to reuse for other (unrelated) sites and web applications

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